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Courses in the Winter Semester 2021/2022

Due to the rather broad spectrum of topics within the IMPRS, the curriculum consists of a core curriculum to be attended by all students and a variety of more specialized lectures and courses. The heart of our teaching program certainly is the Ringvorlesung. Each semester the Ringvorlesung focuses on one field and is usually delivered by scientific members of the IMPRS who introduce different approaches and visions within this field.

IMPRS Ringvorlesung Part I + II: "Spectra of tensors and their applications"

General information

  • Lecturer: André Uschmajew, Raffaella Mulas
  • Date and time: Wednesday, 2 pm
  • Room: MPI MiS, G3 10
  • Audience: IMPRS students (mandatory in their first year), Phd students, postdocs
  • Prerequisites: basic knowledge in linear algebra, graph theory and optimization


There exist several possibilities for defining eigen- and singular values for tensors, based on critical points of multilinear forms or homogeneous equations. In this mini course we introduce some of these concepts, discuss their basic properties as well as their relation to low-rank approximation and hypergraph theory. Geometric questions and computational aspects will also be considered.

IMPRS Ringvorlesung Part III: "Symmetry enriched fractionalization in quantum matter with emergent Z_2 and U(1) gauge fields"

General information

  • Lecturer: Inti Sodemann
  • Date and time: Tuesday, 1.30 pm
  • Room: MPI MiS, G3 10 or online
  • Audience: IMPRS students (mandatory in their first year), Phd students, postdocs
06.09.2023, 15:01