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Lectures in the Summer Semester 2013

IMPRS Ringvorlesung "Dynamical Systems"

Time and location:

  •  Lectures: Mondays 13:30 - 15:00 in room G10 (MPI MIS)
  •  Exercises (Oliver Pfante and Daniel Marahrens): Wednesday 10:00 - 11:30 in room A01 (MPI MIS)

Videos from all lectures

Every lecture will be recorded and can be viewed later. For more info, streaming and download see the media WWW page at the MPI MIS.

Lecturer: Fatihcan Atay

  • 08.04.2013: Introduction to dynamical systems. Existence, uniqueness, continuous dependence of solutions to ODEs
  • 15.04.2013: Flows, invariant sets, alpha and omega limit sets
  • 22.04.2013: Concepts of stability: Lyapunov, orbital, global. Lyapunov functions
  • 06.05.2013: Topics: Periodic solutions, Floquet multipliers, Poincare maps, Hyperbolicity and bifurcations

Lecturer: Felix Otto

  • 13.05.2013: Stable, unstable and center manifolds
  • 22.05.2013: Poincare normal forms
  • 27.05.2013: Topological conjugacy (Hartman-Grobman)
  • 03.06.2013: Examples and applications (pattern formation) 

Lecturer: Jürgen Jost

  • 10.06.2013: Dynamical systems, Morse-Conley theory
  • 17.06.2013: Entropy of dynamical systems
  • 01.07.2013: Entropy concepts (topological and measure theoretic), entropy and information
  • 08.07.2013: Invariant measures


A reference where most of the material can be found
J.Jost, Dynamical Systems, Berlin [u. a.] : Springer, 2005. - VIII, 189 p. (Universitext) ISBN 3-540-22908-6, [DOI], TOC

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