Stefan Hollands

Jörg Lehnert

Inselstraße 22
04103 Leipzig


Stochastics and Discrete Structures

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An active research area of this group is information theory. On one hand, the approach of information geometry brings powerful tools from geometry to bear on questions in statistics and data analysis. On the other hand, information theoretical concepts like graphic models are useful for understanding information processing in neural and cognitive systems. In the life sciences, we model and analyze gene regulation, protein-protein interaction and metabolic networks and develop new tools from discrete mathematics like graph relations to investigate them. We also explore the links between stochastic analysis and statistical physics. Furthermore, concentration inequalities and Wasserstein geometries provide deep links between stochastic analysis, partial differential equations and geometry.

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Müller, FennaFenna.Muller964F2 10 
Müller, JohannesJohannes.Mueller725E2 04external
Tseran, HannaHanna.Tseran727E2 04external


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Holger BernigauNihat Ay2015Causal models over infinite graphs and their application to the sensorimotor loop : general stochastic aspects and gradient methods for optimal control (see more)
Florian KunickBenjamin Gess, Felix Otto2022Analysis and numerics of stochastic gradient flows (see more)
Guido MontúfarNihat Ay2012On the expressive power of discrete mixture models, restricted Boltzmann machines, and deep belief networks - a unified mathematical treatment (see PDF)
Marius NeußBenjamin Gess2021Stochastic partial differential equations arising in self-organized criticality (see more)
Wolfgang OttoPeter Stadler2011Transcriptional regulatory elements : detection and evolutionary analysis (see more)
Johannes RauhNihat Ay2011Finding the maximizers of the information divergence from an exponential family (see more)
Angel Eduardo Rodríguez FernándezPeter F. Stadler2021On the study of fitness landscapes and the Max-Cut problem (see more)
Lorenzo TaggiArtem Sapozhnikov2015Absorbing-state phase transition in activated random walk and probabilistic cellular automata (see more)
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