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Description of Research

The research in this topic focuses on the study of continuum models in physics and material sciences. Mostly this leads to questions in partial differential equations, dynamical systems and change of scale. Geometric measure theory, convex integration, ergodic theorems, entropy estimates, and multiscale limits are important tools.

Gegenwärtige Doktoranden

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Giardi, MatteoMatteo.Giardi847G2 11 
Hauger, LukasLukas.Hauger846G2 11 
Hruška, DavidDavid.Hruska666---- 
Ried, SandraSandra.Ried848G2 11 
Sattig, GabrielGabriel.Sattig837G2 03 
Tempelmayr, MarkusMarkus.Tempelmayr972F2 15external
Ullrich, AntonAnton.Ullrich976F2 10 
Wagner, ChristianChristian.Wagner974F2 15 


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Marcello CarioniBernd Kirchheim2017Existence of calibrations for the Mumford-Shah functional and the reinitialization of the distance function in the framework of Chan and Vese algorithms (see more)
Lukas DöringFelix Otto2015Asymmetric domain walls in soft ferromagnetic films
Elias EsselbornFelix Otto2015Gradient flows for nonconvex energies : asymptotics and stability for two models from fluid mechanics
Clemens FörsterLaszlo Szekelyhidi2018Piecewise constant subsolutions for the incompressible Euler and IPM equations (see more)
Arianna GiuntiFelix Otto2017Green's function estimates for elliptic and parabolic operators : Applications to quantitative stochastic homogenization and invariance principles for degenerate random environments and interacting particle systems (see more)
Manuel GnannFelix Otto2014The moving contact line in viscous thin films : a singular free boundary problem
Gianluca LauteriStephan Luckhaus2017The emergence of cosserat-type structures in metal plasticity (see more)
Tim Bastian LauxFelix Otto2017Convergence of phase-field models and thresholding schemes via the gradient flow structure of multi-phase mean-curvature flow (see more)
Pablo LinaresFelix Otto2022On a tree-free approach to regularity structures for quasi-linear stochastic partial di erential equations (see more)
Philippe LogaritschEmanuele Spadaro2016An obstacle problem for mean curvature flow (see more)
Camilla NobiliFelix Otto2015Rayleigh-Bénard convection : bounds on the Nusselt number (see more)
Claudia RaithelFelix Otto2019Some large-scale regularity results for linear elliptic equations with random coefficients and on the well-posedness of singular quasilinear SPDEs (see more)
André SchlichtingStephan Luckhaus2012The Eyring-Kramers formula for Poincaré and logoarithmic Sobolev inequalities (see more)
Michael SchnurrTatjana Eisner2018Generic properties of extensions (see more)
Thilo Martin SimonFelix Otto2018Materials science-inspired problems in the calculus of variations : rigidity of shape memory alloys and multi-phase mean curvature flow (see more)
Jens WohlgemuthStephan Luckhaus2013Study of a model for reference-free plasticity (see more)
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