Stefan Hollands

Jörg Lehnert

Inselstraße 22
04103 Leipzig



Scientific Members working in this area

  • Stefan Czimek (Mathematical Institute of Leipzig University)
  • Dejan Gajic (Institute for Theoretical Physics of Leipzig University)
  • Stefan Hollands (Institute for Theoretical Physics of Leipzig University)
  • Wolfhard Janke (Institute for Theoretical Physics of Leipzig University)
  • Klaus Kroy (Institute for Theoretical Physics of Leipzig University)
  • Bernd Rosenow (Institute for Theoretical Physics of Leipzig University)
  • Matteo Smerlak (MPI for Mathematics in the Sciences)
  • Rainer Verch (Institute for Theoretical Physics of Leipzig University)

Description of Research

This research topic covers a broad spectrum of fields within theoretical physics with a strong emphasis on mathematical aspects and tools. One focus is on statistical physics from classical statistical physics through granular matter to quantum statistical physics. Theoretical and computational aspects of phase transitions and non equilibrium phenomena are both investigated. Further central aspects are quantum field theory in curved and/or non-commutative spacetimes, gravity in higher dimensions and gauge-gravity duality. The methods used here range from the theory of partial differential operators, operator algebras and representation theory, and functional analysis to numerical computer-assisted computations in lattice gauge theories.

Gegenwärtige Doktoranden

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Zhirayr AvetisyanRainer Verch2013Mode decomposition and Fourier analysis of physical fields in homogeneous cosmology (see more)
Markus BorrisRainer Verch2011Quantum field theory on non-commutative spacetimes (see more)
Benjamin EltznerRainer Verch2013Local thermal equilibrium on curved spacetimes and linear cosmological perturbation theory (see more)
Giovanni FrigeriBernd Rosenow2021Interaction effects in quantum interferometers (see more)
Stanislav KazminWolfhard Janke2022Ising model in three dimensions with long-range power-law correlated site disorder : a Monte Carlo study (see more)
Thomas LudwigRainer Verch2013Wick rotation for quantum field theories on degenerate moyal space (see more)
Jan SchlemmerRainer Verch2010Local thermal equilibrium on cosmological spacetimes (see PDF)
Stefano SteffenoniKlaus Kroy2019Active Brownian dynamics (see more)
Mojtaba TaslimitehraniStefan Hollands2018Aspects of gauge theories in Lorentzian curved space-times (see more)
Björn ZocherBernd Rosenow2013Signatures of majorana fermions and ground state degeneracies in topological superconductors (see more)
Jan ZschocheRainer Verch2013Quantum pressure inequalities and the Chaplygin gas equation of state
25.11.2022, 12:44