Stefan Hollands

Jörg Lehnert

Inselstraße 22
04103 Leipzig



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Description of Research

We investigate the topology of manifolds and simplicial complexes and the geometry of locally symmetric spaces and Riemannian, Finslerian, algebraic and symplectic manifolds, together with extensions to general metric spaces. Abstract notions of curvature also link this area with stochastic and discrete structures. The geometry of locally symmetric spaces is connected with arithmetic problems. Geometrically defined variational problems, like harmonic maps, pseudoholomorphic curves or minimal submanifolds, require powerful tools from analysis. Some of these variational problems, in particular those involving Dirac operators, are inspired by quantum field and string theory.

Gegenwärtige Doktoranden

Nachname, VornameEmailTelefonRaumHomepage
Adams, ZacharyZachary.Adams549B3 08 
Barth, LukasLukas.Barth572B3 08group
Fevola, ClaudiaClaudia.Fevola763F3 06group, personal
Freund, ValerieValerie.Freund666---- 
Jiang, ShuhanShuhan.Jiang571B3 08 
Shehu, ElimaElima.Shehu756F3 04external
Teich, MarieMarie.Teich539A3 10 
Zucal, GiulioGiulio.Zucal525A3 11 


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Brian ClarkeJürgen Jost2009The completion of the manifold of Riemannian metrics with respect to its L2 metric (see more)
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Marzieh EidiJürgen Jost2022Topological and geometric methods with a view towards data analysis (see more)
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Henrik EisenmannAndré Uschmajew2022Multilinear optimization in low-rank models (see more)
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Miaomiao ZhuJürgen Jost2008Harmonic maps and Dirac-Harmonic maps from degenerating surfaces
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